Would Disney or Comcast get rid of Vince if they bought WWE?

Comcast & Disney wouldn’t keep Vince

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Fightful Select reached out to contacts that they had in Comcast & Disney. They enquired about the potential sale. What they think of it, and who might administer the company for them.

Regarding Vince McMahon, Fightful Select reported, “both companies [Disney/Comcast] had employees who had clearly heard of the rumors, and said that it would be hard to believe that any major company would want to retain Vince McMahon’s services in any capacity if they could help it.”

The rumors of course are, that Vince was using his position as CEO of WWE, to leverage sexual favors from his employees. That he allegedly embezzled money from WWE, in order to pay off those women. Vince had to retire from WWE amid those allegations. But returned to move forward the sale of WWE.

Regarding Triple H, Fightful Select reported, “we’ve also been told by people of influence in the companies [Disney/Comcast] of at least two potential suitors that they believe there would be roles in WWE post-sale for Stephanie [McMahon] and Paul Levesque [Triple H] if they wished to continue.”

Stephanie McMahon was the CEO of WWE for several months, and has held various roles in the company going back to the 1990s. Triple H, a 14-time world champion, is currently WWE’s head of creative. Based on this, some could infer that Disney/Comcast would just like Triple H and Stephanie run the company with they themselves just providing oversight.

Would WWE just run very much like it has, with a major company like Disney or Comcast watching over the company?

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