Colt Cabana talks about how to deal with bad apples in a locker room

Colt Cabana on how to deal with bad apples

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Colt Cabana talked about how to deal with bad apples in a locker room. He went into his experiences with Ring of Honor.

This is what Colt Cabana said on his podcast.

“As you say that, I’m not even thinking about present day, I’m thinking about when the Ring of Honor locker room was so tight or even my developmental days when they were tight. It’s almost like, the group of people who form this unit, will kind of band together and almost get stronger when they are against one specific thing. It almost makes the locker room even stronger to then, ‘ship up or shape out,’ whatever the term is.

Shape up or ship out. When a bad apple or someone rotten comes into your locker room, the locker room gets together, gets strong, and they kind of give ultimatums almost. Maybe not actual ultimatums, but that person, or those people will kind of be alienated and, eventually, information of why that alienation is there will come, and then they have a choice to do nothing about it, do something about it or anything in-between. It’s up to them. Usually, it tends to work itself out.

“These people become friends and years later you joke about what idiots they were and you tell them, they admit it, and that’s the long term relationship of a wrestling locker room.” 

Is this a way things should be handled in AEW today? What do you think of what Colt Cabana had to say?

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