Dustin Cody Rhodes WWE Wrestlemania

Codys Loss At Wrestlemania Was A WWE Punishment For AEW – NEW REPORT

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Dustin Rhodes, popularly known as “Goldust” in the world of professional wrestling, recently spoke about his brother Cody Rhodes’ success in WWE during an episode of Busted Open Radio. Cody Rhodes, who is currently a star in rival wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has been making waves in WWE and Dustin expressed mixed emotions about it.

Dustin acknowledged that Cody’s current success in WWE, being “shot to the moon” and potentially winning the world title, is great for him and he hopes his brother is happy with his achievements. However, Dustin also admitted to feeling some jealousy on his part, as he has never won a world title himself.

Cody Rhodes Roman Reigns

“He’s being shot to the moon right now and that’s great, that’s good for him. I hope he’s happy and finally gets that big one that dad never got. I’ve never won a world title. But there is a little jealousy on my part cause, ‘Man, why can’t I get that?’ You know what I mean? But it’s okay, it’s not like a bad jealousy thing. I’m extremely proud of him, I wish him the best, and he’s going to be world champion, I know it. I don’t know when but he’s going to be world champion,” Dustin said.

Despite his mixed emotions, Dustin expressed pride in his brother’s accomplishments and wished him the best in his pursuit of the world title in WWE. He acknowledged that Cody is a talented wrestler and believes he will achieve his goal of becoming a world champion in the future.

Dustin also shared his thoughts on WWE’s approach to Cody’s title aspirations, echoing the sentiment expressed by Paul Heyman that Wrestlemania 39 was an example of “storytelling at its very best.” He appreciated that WWE is making Cody “earn” the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, implying that Cody is being put through challenges and obstacles before potentially winning the title.

“They are making him pay for it now, they are making him earn it and I like that, I do. I like that because once you put the title on him, where are you going?” Dustin said.

Cody has been vocal about his desire for a rematch against WWE’s current top champion, Roman Reigns, but as of yet, Reigns has not accepted the challenge. The storyline between Cody and Reigns is creating anticipation among wrestling fans, as they eagerly await the outcome of this potential matchup.

Dustin’s candid comments about his brother Cody’s success in WWE, his mixed emotions of pride and jealousy, and his appreciation for WWE’s storytelling approach have sparked discussions among wrestling fans.


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