Cody Rhodes wins Royal Rumble!

Cody Rhodes wins Royal Rumble

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Cody Rhodes has won the 2023 Royal Rumble match. Like adrenaline in our souls, everyone is excited to see Cody Rhodes get his big moment. He came in at number 30, and GUNTHER was in at number 1. This might be the first time that the number 1 entrant faced the number 30 entrant to close out the match.

The rumble had many cool spots. Judgment Day was dominant, with Dom being the last one in. GUNTHER chopped a hell of a lot of people, setting a new Royal Rumble time record. Cody Rhodes winning of course was the big moment.

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Cody Rhodes returned to WWE last in 2022 and had an amazing trilogy of matches against Seth Rollins. However, Cody tore his pec and was out. Tonight was Cody’s big return. Looks like he’ll be coming straight for Roman Reigns. Whatever Cody achieves, he may well go down as a legend for all his work in WWE, AEW, Ring of Honor, and elsewhere.

Must say that GUNTHER had an incredible performance, from wire to wire. He broke Rey Mysterio’s record and shined in the big moments. Some might see this as a great indicator of GUNTHER’s future in WWE. He was eliminated at the end, by Cody.

Are you happy to see Cody Rhodes win the Royal Rumble? Are you ready for him to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania? Should it have been Sami Zayn?

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