Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes Speaks Following Wrestlemania Loss – STATEMENT TO FANS

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After a tough week, Cody Rhodes has taken to social media to express his desire to become WWE Champion in the future. It seems like he had a difficult time recently.

Cody Rhodes

On Instagram, Cody Rhodes shared this message while thanking a lot of people including Triple H, The McMahon Family, WWE President Nick Khan, John Cena, and many others whose names you might recognize.

A long week. I know last Sunday was not the result I’d hoped for, and I know many fans were disappointed as well. I make no excuses. I lost. I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you how much I enjoyed the ride…until Sunday night, and furthermore Monday night.

I would like to thank @thebrandirhodes @wwe , the city of Los Angeles, Matt Rolf, @bradkolowichjr , @sgovintage , @jtcervero , HHH, The McMahon Family, Bruce, Conrad, Kevin Dunn, Ryan W Ryan C Mustache Chad Brian James Ed K, John Cone, John Cena, and @makeawishamerica for allowing me the honor to induct 15 wishes into the Circle Of Champions, and many more names I may be forgetting…in addition Nick Khan for taking care of my family through the festivities.

Lastly, the almost 200k fans who attended the weekend overall…unwavering and motivating. I want to be your champion. This Monday I hope to speak about my future with WWE and what may be next for me. @usanetwork


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