Dutch Mantell doesn't believe that WWE would want to bring back CM Punk.

CM Punk reacts to FTR telling him to “make it work”

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Dax Harwood shared more details on the incident on the debut episode of his new FTR with Dax Harwood podcast.

During the episode, Harwood shared a message for The Elite, as well as his friend CM Punk, asking the group to set aside their differences for the sake of pro-wrestling.

Harwood said:

“It’s four guys who want to be the best. Regardless of what any of us think personally, I know that we all want to be the best and I know we all want the best for professional wrestling.

“It’s given us a life that we could never have otherwise.

“This is my plea to all four guys. Please find a way to make it work. If we can make it work, we can set up the future of professional wrestling for a long time and we can change the course of professional wrestling for a very long time. When you think about it, unselfishly, we’re doing this for 20-30 years down the road so guys and girls can make a living.”

The Pro Wrestling Podcast took to Instagram to encourage this, sharing a headline for an article about Harwood’s comments with the caption:

Let’s just shake hands and say sorry lol

No but seriously.

CM Punk replied with a one word comment:


Punk’s AEW status is currently unclear, with previous reports revealing that Punk and AEW were in talks regarding a potential contract buyout. But following the Dax Harwood reveal CM Punk has finally taken to social media to react to the interview

CM Punk Reacts AEW Dax


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