CM Punk, MJF exchange words over Pro Wrestling Illustrated awards

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It doesn’t look like CM Punk and MJF are done with each other if their recent Instagram exchange is to go by. This came after the latter posted a photo of himself holding the two Pro Wrestling Illustrated awards he won for 2022.

The two won the Best Feud of the Year award, while MJF also claimed the Most Hated Wrestler of the Year gong. Fans were quick to notice that the AEW world champion had blocked out Punk’s name on the former plaque, an indication of MJF bringing his heel persona to real life and spreading the idea that he hates Punk.

The Instagram post and CM Punk's response
The Instagram post and CM Punk’s response

Despite his massive role in the brawl post the All Out pay-per-view last year and his subsequent suspension and recovery from injury, Punk has not closed the open on an AEW return. There could be obvious money in a feud with The Elite, while another run with MJF could prove to be even more lucrative.


CM Punk Should Leave AEW


With reports that CM Punk might be training for a return to AEW, Eric Bischoff has stated that CM Punk just needs to go away. He’s absolutely not on CM Punk’s side, even if Punk was right. Because of how CM Punk choose to handle the problem.

Eric Bischoff lines out why AEW should get rid of CM Punk. This is what he said on the Strictly business podcast, But, let me just say this I don’t know what went on behind the scenes with The Elite and the backstage drama, conspiracy theories. I’m not discounting it, I’m not discounting that Philip has a b***h. I’m not discounting that perhaps Philip was justified in being really really pissed off.”

Eric Bischoff explains why Punk’s Media Scrum was bad for business. “I still don’t think he should’ve done what he did at the press conference. That should’ve been a conversation that Philip had with Tony Khan offline privately one-on-one maybe with an attorney present then it could’ve been productive as opposed to going out there and again showing your ass burying the guy that’s writing your checks, burying your entire locker room the roster that you have to work with. I just, again, that’s a tell, it’s a big tell.”


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