Dax Harwood states that CM Punk didn't want to be AEW champion.

CM Punk didn’t want the AEW World title

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CM Punk didn’t want the AEW world title. This was what Dax Harwood said on his podcast known as “FTR with Dax Harwood.”

”No, not at all. Punk was still so joyous and happy to be in the wrestling business. To be honest, he told me, when they were going to put the belt on him, that he didn’t want the belt. He said, ‘I just want to have fun,’ but he understood that Tony putting the belt on him would put AEW in a better light. He took it, begrudgingly a little bit, but he took the belt. At the time, he was taking me, Cash, Max [MJF], Wardlow, Hobbs, I’m missing so many guys, he was taking us out to eat, always paying for it.

Dax continued



He bought all the girls in the locker room Starbucks gift cards and had one of the girls hand them out, anonymously, and didn’t say who they were from, but it was from him, just because he loved the atmosphere and loved being there. He also loved the work the girls were putting in. He thought they were busting their ass to try and get the attention that WWE’s women’s division was getting.”

This goes contrary to reports by some that he was difficult to deal with, and supposedly a cancer backstage. There are two versions of CM Punk. Which one is the real one? Or is there some middle ground version that is more accurate? In the worlds of Dave Meltzer. “You tell us.”

Will CM Punk return to AEW?

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