AEW Luchadors Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels – My career is nearly over now

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Christopher Daniels, also known by his ring name “The Fallen Angel,” is an American professional wrestler known for his technical wrestling skills and high-flying maneuvers. Born on March 24, 1971, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Daniels began his wrestling career in the mid-1990s and has since become one of the most respected and accomplished wrestlers in the industry.

Daniels has competed for many wrestling promotions throughout his career, including World Championship Wrestling (WCW), Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), Ring of Honor (ROH), and All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He is a former TNA X Division Champion, ROH World Champion, and has held numerous tag team titles throughout his career.

Known for his versatility and ability to adapt to different wrestling styles, Daniels has also had success as a trainer, commentator, and producer in the wrestling industry. He is considered a mentor to many up-and-coming wrestlers and has helped to shape the careers of several top performers.

Daniels is also a highly decorated wrestler in Japan, where he has competed for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and Pro Wrestling Noah. He has won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship and the GHC Tag Team Championship, among other titles.

Despite being in his 50s, Daniels continues to compete at a high level and remains a respected figure in the wrestling community. His longevity and success in the industry have earned him a reputation as one of the most talented and influential wrestlers of his generation.

During a recent interview, Daniels suggested that he is fully aware it’s nearly time to call an end to his long career.

In anticipation of his highly anticipated match against Katsuyori Shibata for the Pure Championship on tonight’s Ring of Honor (ROH) TV, The Fallen Angel recently spoke with WrestleZone. During the interview.

AEW Luchadors Christopher Daniels


Is AEW looking for more Indies Stars?


Not really, not really. Honestly, I feel like the people that were interested in are people that are making their name,” Christopher Daniels admitted. “I don’t feel like I’m gonna be surprised by someone on the independents myself. The people that Tony likes and the people that Tony gets excited about signing, I feel like those people are already making their name; they’re getting their spotlight on their own. He likes to sort of fan the flame of someone who’s starting to break out on the independent scene.


Daniels On His Own Career 



It’s 100% selfish. I want to try and continue to perform as much as I can, and understanding that we’ve got such a full roster and television time being limited, my opportunities won’t always happen on AEW television, and I recognize that. I understand it, and I’m not sad about that. I mean, I wish I could be on television more often, but I understand why I’m not.

So I want to continue to perform as much as I can. So I was doing a lot of stuff with DEFY, doing stuff with Warrior. I just last night had a match in North Dakota,” Christopher Daniels added. “I wrestled a man by the name of Kevin Ku, who’s a very good young talent. These are things that I want to continue to do so I could still sort of scratch that performance itch.

I’m not 100% ready to hang it up, and there will come a time when I am. I know, and like you said, I’m at the tail end of it, so it’s close. I know it’s coming soon. It’s a knock on the door that I can expect any time.

But until that happens, I’m gonna try and stay at the top level that I can at my age, and if I can work with the young guys at AEW, great.

If I can work with young guys on the independents and if I can find out stuff about them that reinforces whatever good reputation they already have, great.

But like I said, it’s 100% selfish. I want to perform because that’s what got me into this. I didn’t want to get into professional wrestling with the idea like, ‘Oh, you know what, I can’t wait to be behind the scenes.’ I still like to be in front of the cam.


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