Chris Jericho won the Ring of Honor World Title!

Chris Jericho wins ROH World Title

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Chris Jericho has won the Ring of Honor World Championship at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam. He defeated the previous champion, Claudio Castagnoli. He was seen as a centerpiece for securing a major TV deal for AEW and as a result, he was the first AEW champion.

Chris Jericho is the new Ring of Honor Champion
Jericho is the new Ring of Honor Champion

Many fans now believe that Chris Jericho as Ring of Honor Champion means that Ring of Honor will be getting a TV deal. This is his 8th World title.

Chris Jericho originally stated that Vince McMahon told him to take the deal to join AEW, and was upset when he went through it. According to Jericho, Vince asked if there was a way for him to get out of it. This might be one of those cases, of paying the price when you open your mouth. Jericho has to lead the way for AEW for many of its deals. He’s a name that the networks love. It seems likely that an ROH TV show is coming now.

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