Chris Jericho has little interest in the EVP position.

Chris Jericho responds to appearance in RAW Is XXX promo clip

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WWE is celebrating thirty years of WWE tomorrow night, and the company is doing everything it can to make the occasion memorable. To this effect, it recently put out a promotional video for the show’s 30th anniversary, labeled RAW Is XXX, which contained many legendary names, including AEW’s Chris Jericho.

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This surprised many, as the record Intercontinental Title winner is seen as a major player for the enemy, seeing as he is a massive part of AEW. However, soon after, The Ocho himself took to Twitter to comment on the clip:

RAW is XXX, already sold out, and will air from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jericho, meanwhile, debuted for WWE on the red show in 1999 in what is widely regarded as one of the greatest debuts, if not the greatest, in the show’s long history.

This is a sign that under Triple H, WWE is getting more comfortable acknowledging any competition and that name-dropping legends no longer with them is not seen as sanctimonious anymore.

Chris Jericho to feature in a new movie


Chris Jericho has already had his part to play in movies. Most recently, he was in Terrifier 2. However, TMZ reports he’ll be in a major role for a new horror film based on wrestling. The film is called Dark Match and was filmed in Edmonton Canada. We don’t know when it will be released.

Chris Jericho is a man of many talents, including that acting. Earlier this year he was featured in a movie called Terrifier 2. But let me tell you, nothing was more terrifying than his angle with MJF a while back.

Terrifier 2 was praised for standing out in the glut of horror films that the genre has experienced since the late 1970s.

Jericho has been always interested in horror films. As part of his love of the fandom, he’s done podcasts, and appearances related to the horror film genre.

He appeared on the YouTube series 8 months ago, called Dead Meat to give his take on the horror film, “Sleepaway Camp 2.”

Suffice to say, that Chris Jericho has three key interests. Music, wrestling, and horror films. The new film, Dark Match will surely tie at least the wrestling and horror film stuff together.

Are you interested in the movie?


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