Jim Cornette critical of Chris Jericho attempting a piledriver on Jerry Lynn

Chris Jericho in New pro wrestling-themed movie

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Chris Jericho is a legend of the pro wrestling business, and even at 52, he continues to star for one of the biggest promotions in the world, AEW. Such is his star power that he’s a well-known star outside the business as well, and that is evident from the recent news about his participation in a new movie.

According to Deadline, Dark Match, a new pro-wrestling-themed horror movie, recently wrapped up shooting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The pilot sees a small-time wrestling company accepting a high-paying gig in a backwoods town, but they realize the community is run by a mysterious cult leader who has some wicked plans after reaching there.

The movie also stars Michael Eklund, Ayisha Issa, Steven Ogg, Sara Canning, and Jonathan Cherry. Interestingly, Jericho is one of the Executive Producers of the flick, while John McDonald is the producer.

Writer and director Lowell Dean said:

“It’s been a blast filming in Edmonton and working every day with such a talented cast and crew. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with Dept.9 Studios and for the producer’s support in bringing Dark Match to life.”

There’s no info on a release date for the Chris Jericho movie


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