Chelsea Green has seemingly confirmed her WWE return by deleting only fans

Returning Stars OnlyFans page deactivated amidst WWE return

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Well, well, well, this is intriguing news. Amidst increasingly rabid rumors that she will return to WWE sooner than later, Chelsea Green has closed her OnlyFans page, seemingly in preparation for said comeback. This comes hot on the heels of Mandy Rose’s release from the company for posting explicit content on her FanTime page that the WWE officials were unaware of, and which was outside the parameters of her contract.

Green’s actions also apparently clarify the lingering doubts that WWE has a rule about having fan site pages. When clicking on Chelsea’s OnlyFans page link, a “Sorry, This Page Is Not Available” notification appears, letting visitors know that it has been taken down.

Chelsea Green has lots of such content on social media and sites like OnlyFans

Following her release from WWE, Green appeared in multiple promotions, including Impact Wrestling and GCW, rebuilding and establishing herself as one of the independent scene’s hottest acts alongside husband and fellow pro wrestlers and former WWE star Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder).

It was Ringside News who exclusively reported that she will rejoin WWE, although the question of when remains unclear. With her OF page now gone, it looks increasingly likely that this date is nearer than ever before.


Chelsea Greens was on holiday recently

Chelsea Green has been on holiday to the Maldives with her husband Matt Cardona. Green has been constantly updating fans when it came to her trip and she uploaded a sizzling photo of herself in a pink bikini.

” peep the deserted island in the background “


Chelsea Green WWE Only Fans

Chelsea Green WWE Only Fans

Chelsea Green WWE Only Fans


Are you looking forward to Chelsea Green returning to WWE?




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