Chavo Continues His Digs At AEW’s Lack Of Management In Latest Interview

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Chavo Guerrero Jr.  was speaking to Nick Hausman of the latest Wrestling Inc Daily podcast and he suggested that WWE and AEW both need to find a middle ground in regards to the creative freedom they allow their talent.

We previously reported that Guerrero, who was taken off AEW television last September claims that Tony Khan has been ignoring his phone calls, and Khan admits he needs to follow up with Chavo to explain the situation.

Chavo said

“In WWE the producers, the agents, they really got involved in your matches. In AEW, they kind of let you do your own thing. So, it’s almost like we need a happy medium. In WWE they micromanage you at times, and in AEW they didn’t do enough, I felt. I felt they really need to help a lot of the young guys just put things in the right spots. These guys are such talented wrestlers and such talented athletes, but sometimes it’s a spot fest. You’ve seen it, it’s just doing spots, and spots, just to do a spot. You know, just because you can do a backflip doesn’t mean you should do a backflip. I think that they need help in that.”

Its really not known why Chavo has taken such anger towards AEW and Tony Khan considering he really did not have much involvement with the promotion. But seems to never want to be re-employed considering his constant battering of the promotion.


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