Bully Ray on Charlotte Flair

Bully Ray wants Charlotte Flair to wrestle Randy Orton

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Speaking on the On Busted Open, WWE legend Bully Ray opined that Charlotte Flair does not have anyone better than her to wrestle in the Stamford-based promotion. He also stated that WWE should look at the possibility of letting the Queen wrestle men like Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.

As we know Charlotte Flair has massively climbed up the ladder in WWE since making her debut in 2012. She is now a 14-time single champion after she defeated Ronda Rousey to win back her SmackDown Women’s Championship on a recent episode of the blue brand.

Bully went on to say

“How much does it suck to be Charlotte Flair right now knowing that this is as good as you’re ever gonna be?” Bully Ray said. “Because she doesn’t have anybody to get in the ring that’s better than her. The only way Charlotte Flair will ever be any better than she is right now is if they let her wrestle men. If she’s in there with Seth, she’s gonna learn something. If she’s in there with Randy, she’s gonna learn something.”

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