The Elite were the inaugural champions. However the dramatic events around CM Punk and the Media Scrum and the backstage fight that happened meant that they had to drop the titles. Stripped of the titles.

BTE Member Tweets & Deletes About CM Punk “Gaslighting” (WE HAVE DELETED TWEET)

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AEW star CM Punk and The Elite have been the talk of the town lately, as rumors and reports have been circulating about a potential return of Punk to AEW programming.

The social media sphere has been abuzz with opinions on the matter, including a tweet from the @Deadspin account which accused Punk of “gaslighting” AEW and shared an article on the subject.

Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic in which a person, to gain power and control of another individual, plants seeds of uncertainty in another person’s mind. The self-doubt and constant questioning slowly cause the individual to question their reality.

One member of The Elite, Brandon Cutler, who was suspended from AEW along with The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Michael Nakazawa during the Brawl Out situation, responded to the tweet, indicating that not everything is going smoothly between the two sides and clearly got heat from people backstage and it was quickly deleted but we caught it below.

While it’s possible that Punk’s return is part of a storyline, as is often the case in professional wrestling, it seems unlikely at this point. Cutler has since deleted his tweet, leaving fans wondering what the future holds for Punk and AEW.



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