Brian Cage AEW

Breaking News – Brian Cage AEW Contract About To End – WWE Interested?

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Brian Cage joined AEW in 2020, and Fightful has learned that unless an extension is agreed upon, his current contract will expire.

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In a few weeks, Cage’s contract will end, according to Fightful Select. Before All Elite Wrestling took over his option year, Cage’s contract was also due to expire last year. At the time, it was reported that Cage was delighted because he hadn’t anticipated that his option would be exercised after going months without appearing on television.

Together with Kaun and Toa Liona, Cage makes up one-third of the reigning ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions.

We have learned that there have been internal inquiries to determine whether WWE is interested in hiring Cage.  Though we aren’t sure if there’s particular interest on either side. Cage has received praise for his work since his television return in mid-2022.

If ROH and Tony Khan suddenly put on a 6 man ROH title bout we can rest assured its for Brian Cage to drop the titles and allow his AEW release



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