Bret Hart is still trying to help wrestlers, says Dax Harwood

Bret Hart is still trying to help wrestling business

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Dax Harwood revealed recently on his podcast, that Bret Hart still has a love for the wrestling business. He went on to say that Bret maintains connections with Harwood himself and some others in the wrestling industry. Bret often gives constructive criticism about wrestling matches of guys like Harwood.

This is what Dax Harwood said,  “I talked to Bret [Hart] all the time. He still loves wrestling, he watched a match without even having to ask. He watched the match with Claudio and I, and he sent me this long, detailed text message about he put it over. Then, he also talked about what he would have done and how he could how he thought it could have been better. But he did that because he loved it. He did the same thing with my match with Bryan Danielson, the exact same thing. He did it because he loved it.”

“Bret hasn’t wrestled since. Hasn’t really wrestled since 2000, right at the end of ’99. So, guys like us never fall out of love. We just, we maybe get disenchanted at times, but never fall out of love.” 

As a fan, some might find it nice to hear something about Bret Hart that isn’t about how he hates Goldberg. It’s nice that there are still wrestlers from times past that are interested in today’s product. That they are also interested in helping the wrestling business succeed today. It’s nice to know Bret Hart still has an impact on Wrestling as a whole.

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