Breaking Report – CM Punks Contract May Be Bought Out To Get Rid of Him

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The wise ones amoungst you may have noted during commentary on the ROH World Championship match between Chris Jericho and Claudio Castagnoli, Ian Riccaboni failed to mention CM Punk when recapping all prominent names who held the championship in the past.  Obviously this falls in line with last weeks Dynamite where he and others were not mentioned following their suspension after a backstage brawl during the All Out post-media scrum.

However Wade Keller has chimed in during his latest PW Torch audio show, he discussed the omission of Punk’s name during the ROH Championship match. He said the omission was noteworthy because he’s heard before Punk’s contract may be bought out soon and that he’s likely not returning to the company.

“I think this is noteworthy but not surprising [that] he excluded CM Punk’s name as he talked about some of the biggest names who have held the title. That’s a bit of a tell. As I talked with Jason Powell yesterday about – I am not expecting CM Punk to wrestle in AEW again. I’m not saying it’s 100 percent sure thing but everything is pointing in the direction of some sort of buyout of his contract. We’ll learn more eventually about that situation,” Keller said.

CM Punk vs Jon Moxley was the main event for All Out 2022
CM Punk vs Jon Moxley was the main event for All Out 2022


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