Breaking News – William Regal Done With AEW

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William Regal is effectively done with All Elite Wrestling and is likely headed back to WWE Fightful has reported in the last 15 minutes.

As we’d reported earlier this week, Fightful Select got word during Wrestlecade weekend that William Regal’s deal was coming up in December 2022, which led to him being written off the television. Another AEW source told Fightful that after the MJF angle that ran last week, William Regal was “done” with AEW and was set to leave the company.

William Regal may return to WWE soon as his contract ends in a few months.
William Regal may return to WWE soon as his contract ends in a few months.

There have been several rumors on the length of Regal’s current deal, which we can’t really lend anything to.

However, sources in AEW all are operating on the assumption that he’s leaving, and WWE sources are operating on the assumption he’s rejoining the company.

Fightful at this time don have any details on the unusual length of the deal after he debuted back in March, or any provisions associated.

A WWE source said that it does not come as any surprise that William Regal is likely headed back because Triple H was “very unhappy” that Regal was let go in the first place.

NXT sources had long told Fightful that William Regal was considered a lifer with that brand specifically, something that Triple H mentioned himself to us once.

Those in WWE expect him to resume an advanced role similar to the one he had before, but that wasn’t confirmed.


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