Mandy Rose released from WWE?

BREAKING NEWS: Mandy Rose released by WWE

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You read that right, Mandy Rose has been released by WWE, as reported by Fightful Select. This appears to be in connection to videos that she, or someone had posted. Someone had posted clips of her nude.

This was Fightful Select’s report, “Fightful Select has learned that Mandy Rose has been released by WWE.

WWE officials felt they were put in a tough position based on the content she was posting on her BrandArmy page. They felt like it was outside of the parameters of her WWE deal.”

This explains why the match between Rose and Roxanne Perez got moved up to last night’s NXT, where Roxanne Perez won the title. Mandy Rose had revitalized her career was NXT champion, but all that work may not have been for anything, as her WWE career is now officially over.

Where does she go from here? Only Fans? AEW? Impact? She is still a popular figure, I have no doubts she’ll land on her feet soon.

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