Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt Spotted By Fan In Street Following WWE Absense (PHOTO)

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One of the most eagerly awaited and exciting events in recent WWE history was Bray Wyatt’s comeback. As internet rumors of his return began to circulate, the WWE community was ablaze with excitement, and fans anxiously anticipated the official announcement. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a triumphant comeback turned out to be a huge disappointment. Due to a physical issue, he is still not present, but Wyatt was seen for the first time with a fan.


Additionally, he was absent from last night’s Friday Night Smackdown program. Before all of this, he and Bobby Lashley were supposed to engage in a legitimate feud that would have resulted in a WrestleMania 39 match.  However, as the weeks go past this is looking less and less likely.

Bray Wyatt is still struggling with “a health issue,” Ringside News was able to confirm with a reliable source within WWE. No estimated time of his return was provided to us.

Bray Wyatt “has not been cleared to return, Ringside news continued to report that given that WrestleMania is still 10 days away, the fact that WWE failed to highlight his match against Bobby Lashley may be telling.

Recently, a fan shared a picture of himself with Bray Wyatt on Twitter. The fan claimed to have encountered Wyatt on his way home from work. On the whole, Wyatt seemed to be in excellent spirits.



Bobby Lashley / Bray Wyatt Scrapped?   Is Bobby Lashley Booked For Battle Royal?

Bobby Lashley is prominently featured on the visual for the Andre The Giant Battle Royal match, which was revealed on SmackDown in Las Vegas. As it has the past two years, the massive battle royal will take place on SmackDown right before WrestleMania weekend.





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