'Bottom Rope Becks' strikes again, as Becky Lynch seems to have found a new finisher

‘Bottom Rope Becks’ strikes again, as Becky Lynch seems to have found a new finisher

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There’s an old saying: ‘When in doubt, reach out’. Apparently Becky Lynch was listening when they handed out that advice, and she’s been reaching out ever since.

Becky Lynch grabbed a victory over longtime friend turned foe Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series. She then held off the challenge of a very prepared and precocious Liv Morgan on this week’s edition of RAW.

There’s no doubting that Becky Lynch is one of the faces of WWE right now, alongside names like Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. She’s become that big of a star.

However, she didn’t maintain her spot by following the rules. Both big victories were marked by Lynch grabbing the bottom rope for leverage to secure an ill-gotten victory.

Flair tries to humiliate Lynch by beating her with her own submission finisher, then attempts a rope-aided roll-up. The official sees Flair’s trick, which is then repeated by Lynch … who totally gets away with it. Becky wins by pinfall #SurvivorSeries

It started with Charlotte, who tried a little trickery of her own, only to have it backfire. Becky Lynch – who is technically supposed to be a heel – was cheered heavily in this match. And to be fair to her, even though she did cheat to defeat Flair at Survivor Series, The Queen kind of had it coming.

This was one of the matches of the night, so it was a bit disappointing to see it end in that manner it did, with such a cheap finish. However, there was a sense that Charlotte received her comeuppance, so the fans were fine with it. On the other hand, the finish protected Charlotte as the Smackdown Women’s Champion, because she wasn’t beaten cleanly.

So, in the end, it all made sense. The fans were sent home happy after seeing Lynch squeak out a win over a fellow WWE icon.

Becky Lynch repeated the same tactic in her title defense against Liv Morgan on RAW

Tonight was just not the night, unfortunately…

#WWERaw https://t.co/5ZP9eZ5pI8

This one didn’t go over as well for ‘Bottom Rope Becks’ when it came to the WWE Universe, for a few reasons.

Perhaps it’s because the crowd has come to begrudgingly respect Liv Morgan for her work ethic and strides to improve. She may not be one of the top performers in the world, but there’s no denying that she’s put in a serious effort to get better in the ring. That should be applauded.

The audience has also embraced Morgan’s underdog ‘little girl chasing her dream’ story. So for The Man to cheat her out of that dream was double heelish.

Some in the crowd aired their disapproval, whether it was because of the way Becky Lynch won, or the fact that she repeated the same spot from Survivor Series.

This leaves behind some ‘Twilight Zone’ type of thoughts:

  • Is this Becky’s new finisher?
  • Is she trading in The Disarm-Her for ‘The Grabber’?
  • Will she make a habit out of squeezing those squared circle shoelaces?

These are all tongue-in-cheek questions, of course. However, it will be interesting to see if WWE continues to make this a running gimmick/gag for a while, where Becky Lynch is constantly finding herself near the ropes, and is tempted to use them once again.

It would add another wrinkle to an already multi-layered character. It could also eventually be the way she drops the title, when someone eventually turns those same tables on her.

It’s been interesting seeing Becky Lynch in this role, and these two stolen wins are another chapter in her current run as a villain on RAW. Even though she’s still heavily cheered and really should be a babyface, she’s done her best to be the most snarky, snobby superstar she can be.

You can decry her tactics but there’s no denying Becky Lynch. Just when you think you’ve seen it all from her, she ropes us in again.


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