Mandy Rose

Booker T says Mandy Rose was wrong to choose FanTime over WWE

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Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose made headlines in December last year as she was released by the company for posting explicit content on her FanTime Page and now Booker T has commented.    It was a breach of her contract with WWE and she was made to lose her NXT gold to Roxanne Perez 24 hours before her firing.

A few days ago, FanTime congratulated the former NXT Champion for making a million dollars in December. However, WWE legend Booker T spoke on his Hall of Fame podcast and highlighted that Mandy was wrong to go that route despite the money factor attached to it.

“Million dollars is a lot of money. But, like I say, a million dollars ain’t gonna take care of you for a solid year if you’re living large. Not one year a million dollars is not going to take care of you if you’re living large. If you got one of these nice rides, a nice home, and all that stuff. A million dollars, I say congratulations first of all, but the question was, ‘do I think she made the right or the wrong decision?’ The decision to actually go that route. I think it was the wrong decision and I stand by that,” he said.

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Does Mandy Rose deserve to return to WWE?


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