Booker T names hot free agents that WWE should sign.

Booker T on two hot prospects for WWE

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On his podcast, “Hall of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore,” Booker spoke on some talents that WWE should be looking at. He might infuriate some fans, however, one can’t say he doesn’t have an eye for talent. Both AEW and WWE have several wrestlers who went through his training promotion, Reality of Wrestling.

The first was Nick Aldis, to which Booker T said, “I said Nick Aldis, he could make an impression. You know, people talk about, you know, I said Nick Aldis is past his prime. And I said that because Nick Aldis is not 25 to 35. That’s when you make your most money in this business, right? You know, as far as making you name from 25 to 35. Nick Aldis is just making it to the big time if he was to come to WWE at 38 [aged 36] years old. That right there is past his prime. Can he make a difference? Can he make some good good money? Oh, hell yeah. Sign him up.”

Nick Aldis recently left NWA wrestling in some controversy. Aside from that, he also has experience on a national wrestling promotion, in this case, Impact Wrestling. WWE might not have to do much more but help him adapt to the WWE style.

Booker T points out that the Usos have a cousin that WWE hasn’t signed, but should.


Booker T addressed another, naming his own student, Jacob Fatu. This is what he said. “Jacob Fatu, one of my guys. I’d love to see Jacob get a chance, get a shot at the big time because I know he’ll make a huge huge impression, a big splash. And not just because he’s a big guy. He’d make a big splash in the WWE seriously.” 

Jacob Fatu is the son of Sam Fatu, who was one half of the WWF team, “The Islanders” and later in WCW as part of a second iteration o the Samoan Swat Team. He has been working in the independent scene, but could be a top prospect for WWE to snap up, due to family connections. Booker T might be on to something with these two. He was trained by Rikishi, his uncle, who is the father of the Usos.

What do you think? Should WWE sign them right away? Or should Tony Khan grab them first?

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