Booker T not necessarily making in-ring WWE return

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There have been rumblings recently of a return to the ring for Booker T, who has sporadically competed over the last few years as he is mostly retired, mostly for his Houston-based promotion, Reality of Wrestling.

However, as per Sean Ross Sapp’s latest update for Fightful Select, there are no current plans for him to return to a WWE ring.

The 57-year-old last competed for the Fed in 2012, teaming with Drew McIntyre against Christian and Mark Henry in Glasgow, Scotland, during a house show.

He has since competed in five matches, including four for Reality of Wrestling.

Booker T set to take on the NXT commentary desk
Booker T took on the NXT commentary role recently

While the former WCW Champion still looks in great shape, a return to the ring for the sake of it makes less sense, especially seeing how a lot of other legends’ returns have not really gone to plan.

Booker has quite the glowing legacy, and he is a trailblazer in his own right, so returning unless it is absolutely necessary or makes sense for WWE would be the best option.

Perhaps a short stint in NXT guiding the younger generation makes the most sense, else it would be best that the former king continues in his recently-accrued role as a commentator with the black and gold brand.


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