Booker T has a piece of advice for Mandy Rose

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The WWE universe was in shock to learn about former NXT Champion Mandy Rose being released by WWE. The superstar dropped her NXT gold to Roxanne Perez this week and was released within 24 hours of the loss.

It was reported that Mandy was posting explicit content on her Brand Army page which was a breach of the contract she had with WWE. The news reached the ears of Shawn Michaels who decided to immediately strip her of her championship reign which lasted over 400 days. It was also reported that Mandy had crossed the line way too much and left the promotion with no choice but to release her.

While speaking on his podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T gave his opinion on the content Mandy has been posting.

“Mandy Rose has the right to put her body or her image out there any way she wants, but this is a young lady who has talent. She has so much more talent than just beauty and how she looks.”

He also highlighted that Mandy has been extremely successful in WWE for the last five years. He also explained that he wants to see the 32-year-old return to the global juggernaut rather than throwing away her career.

“She’s made a hell of a career for herself in the WWE over these last five years and I would hate to see her throw something like that away and fall into a world that is very, very dangerous to fall into. Let’s just say that. I’m wishing for Mandy Rose to make a return someway, somehow, and find her way back to WWE. That’s just me personally.”

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