Sasha Banks got robbed in Oakland

Booker T feels Sasha Banks will “fit right in” at NJPW

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There has been news from all over that Sasha Banks will finally return to the ring when she debuts for New Japan Pro Wrestling next month. As per many credible sources, Banks, not seen on WWE TV since walking out on an episode of Raw in May, will debut at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom on January 4.

Booker T feels Banks will be a success in NJPW

Booker T recently had his say on the Legit Boss Sasha Banks heading to the Far East, saying she will “fit right in” as part of the legendary promotion’s roster during his Hall of Fame podcast:

“She’s going to be doing some matches for them. If she can get it, get it. I ain’t mad at nobody that’s getting their [money] bag.”

The six-time world champion added that Banks’ star power has only grown with her role as Koska Reeves in the Disney+ hit, The Mandalorian:

“After you get that kind of check, other checks don’t look right … You could pretty much, call your shot. So, I get it.”

Booker added:

“I always put Sasha really, really high on my pedestal as far as work goes. She will definitely fit right in and is somebody who can go out there and perform at a very high level.”


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