AEW/ROH Star Blake Christian Is Stiff and Unsafe,

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Matt Cardona recently spoke with Comicbook, where he revealed what he truly thinks about Blake Christian.

Matt Cardona shoots on Blake Christian

“He’s stiff. He’s an unsafe worker. This is legit. This should make all the dirt sheets. This should be the clickbait headline. Blake Christian is stiff and unsafe, This guy legitimately tried to tear my bicep off of my bone. Unbelievable. He should be banned from the business for what he tried to do.”

Cardona continued:

“This is a GCW match all the way. He’s begging Tony Khan for a job because he knows that I’m going to be back in the ring. He’s scared of me, and I don’t blame him. He almost ended my career, almost ended my life. And now I’m back ahead of schedule. Tony, please hire me. I don’t want to work him. I get it because he knows I’m going to kick his f–king a–.”


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