Bianca Belair is perhaps the biggest black female star in WWE. Big E cited her as an example of great black representation in WWE.

Big E on the success of black stars in WWE

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Big E Langston spoke with the Urban Times podcast. He talked about black representation in WWE. This is what he said.

“I’m so proud of just the amount of talent across the board. You look at one of the very biggest stars in our industry, that’s Bianca [Belair]. She’s been absolutely killing it, not just in the ring, but outside of it. Just from seeing the way that little girls from all backgrounds and colors, the way they connect with her is so cool. Her husband Montez [Ford], his partner [Angelo] Dawkins, Bobby Lashley obviously. I don’t know what this man is made of, but I think he’s aging backwards.”

Big E continued.



“There’s so many Black talents who aren’t just there to fill a quota. They clearly are so talented that they deserve to be in their spot in the ring. So I’m really proud of the progression. Obviously there’s more work to be done too, but it’s been really cool to see the amount of really talented Black talent come along in the last few years.”

It wasn’t always the case. Big E and Kofi Kingston are former world champions, but before them, there weren’t too many. Mark Henry won the World Heavyweight Championship, but not the WWE title. Before that, Booker T with WHC, and The Rock was the WWE champion. Some people dispute the Rock due to his Samoan heritage.

However, for decades WWE had been accused of not featuring black wrestlers well at all. In the 80s. Junkyard Dog was highly popular but did not win any major titles. Bad News Brown accused Vince McMahon of promising him a world title but never delivering. Things have certainly changed for the better in WWE, and Big E is right it seems.

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