Bianca Belair's goal is to have great matches.

Bianca Belair wants to be known for great matches

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Bianca Belair said she wants to be known for putting on great matches. I think many fans can respect that. Bianca has put on several matches that fans think very highly of. At WrestleMania 37, she faced Sasha Banks in what was considered by some as the best match at that event. She followed it up with another incredible match at WrestleMania 38 against Becky Lynch which is also highly touted.

This is what Bianca Belair said on Notsam Wrestling. “I don’t think there’s really a moment where it clicked because I feel like I’ve always tried to have that mentality. I’ve always wanted to go out there and be the best. I’ve always wanted to have the reputation that any time Bianca Belair steps in the ring, you know that it’s gonna be a great match, it’s gonna be a show-stealer. I have to give credit to the women that I’m in the ring with. I’m not in there by myself, and I’ve been in the ring with some amazing women.” 

Bianca Belair continued, “It’s hard to have bad matches with the women that I’ve been in the ring with. But now I feel like I’ve developed this reputation, so now I’m even going more over and beyond. I throw everything into what I do, everything, whether it’s inside the ring, outside the ring, making my gear, in the gym, doing media. I’m going over and beyond. So I feel like I’ve always kind of had that mentality.”

Certainly, many fans would agree. She’s had some great matches and is just beginning to build a reputation as a great wrestler.

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