Best and Worst of RAW: Young superstar now 'guaranteed' a future title win, AJ Styles' surprising new role revealed?

Best and Worst of RAW: Young superstar now ‘guaranteed’ a future title win, AJ Styles’ surprising new role revealed?

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Vince McMahon was looking to be impressed; The Almighty Bobby Lashley made a statement
Vince McMahon was looking to be impressed; The Almighty Bobby Lashley made a statement

This week’s episode of RAW was a good one. We saw the build-up to the Day 1 pay-per-view continue, and the red brand started the final month of the year in style.

WWE will be looking to wrap up the year with a bang, and if they continue as they did with RAW this week, then December should have a set of incredible episodes. Ahead of the Day 1 pay-per-view, here were the highs and lows of the Monday night show this week:

#3. Best: The RAW Women’s Championship main event

Tonight was just not the night, unfortunately…


It was the perfect decision to have the RAW Women’s title main event the show. There was a lot of hype for the Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan match, as the latter became the number one contender even before Survivor Series 2021.

There was a lot of criticism at first for how WWE handled the feud, especially when the two had promos together. It was clear that Lynch was levels above Morgan, but the company did a great job this week of hyping the match-up, including a great video package for Liv Morgan at the end.

She even came out second, which isn’t unusual in WWE, but it’s always better if the champion comes out last. What made the match good was great storytelling, a hot crowd, and the fact that it seemed like Morgan was on the verge of becoming the RAW Women’s Champion.

Before the bout, the chances of her actually becoming the champion seemed slim to none. But if anything, this clash proved that when the story is told well enough, fans are willing to suspend their disbelief, and it genuinely seemed like Liv Morgan could have had her moment.

Ultimately, Becky Lynch won in a clutch moment after catching the ropes to get the win – the exact same way she won against Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series. The power of good storytelling also means that Morgan didn’t look bad in defeat at all – if anything, her stock has only gone up.

It’s hard to say when she will get her moment with the women’s championship. While we don’t anticipate WrestleMania 38 being her moment, it could all change if she gets a favorable fan reaction. However, after a match like this, Liv Morgan becoming women’s champion seems inevitable, whether it’s on RAW or SmackDown.


#2. Worst: One too many break-ups teases in one episode of RAW?

On RAW this week, we saw two break-up teases – one with Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. and the other with AJ Styles & Omos. With the former, Ripley simply seemed tired of being beside Nikki during her downhill slump.

With the latter, it comes after over a year together. In the “RK-Bro-nament”, AJ Styles and Omos took on The Street Profits, with the winners facing either The Mysterios or Alpha Academy in a RAW Tag Team title number one contender’s match.

The Street Profits won, and Omos was furious with Styles – the man who brought him into the mix last year. He simply walked away, and it seems like the seeds have been planted for their inevitable break-up.

Cue the song from The Incredible Hulk… 😭


AJ Styles’ role will be to elevate his partner. As much as fans want to see The Phenomenal One back in the WWE Championship picture, the chances of him actually becoming champion again are slim.

Not only are there several fresh superstars for WWE to work with, but Styles is likely approaching the final two years of his wrestling career. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him transition into a new role where he helps elevate top stars without being an enhancement talent himself.

However, this counts as a worst because it was one too many break-ups teased on the red brand.


#2. Best: Another incredible segment on RAW between Edge and The Miz

Edge was a guest on Miz TV, with Maryse notably absent on RAW. Last week, The Rated-R Superstar came out seeking new challengers and brought out the names of many top superstars of this generation – those with who he has yet to cross paths.

It was The Miz who unexpectedly came out with Maryse, beginning a feud with Edge. They had another fantastic segment this week and the war of words cut deeper than before.

It was the mid-2000s and The A-Lister was new to the WWE locker room. The infamous story of Chris Benoit kicking him out of the locker room for eating chicken over his bag (this really happened) was referenced, without Benoit being mentioned for obvious reasons.

The Miz said that he wasn’t kicked out of the locker room for eating chicken, but because he didn’t fit the mold. The segment represented another epic war of words between two veterans with over three decades of combined experience.

The match was made official between both men for the Day 1 pay-per-view, and we presume that the bout will serve as a warm-up for Edge as WrestleMania season begins later in January.


#1. Worst: The Bianca Belair-Doudrop match on RAW

From what it seems, WWE is biding their time with Bianca Belair on RAW. They were aware that their first-round draft pick would be overstaying her welcome in the women’s title picture, and her last defeat to Becky Lynch marked the end of her title contention for the time being.

When she had the opportunity to get back into RAW Women’s title contention, it was thwarted by Doudrop, who was angry at not getting a spot in the women’s Survivor Series team.

Belair’s incredible comeback at Survivor Series and win for Team RAW proved that WWE was still serious about pushing her, but they couldn’t have her constantly competing for the women’s title as fans would be quick to turn on her.

The decision to turn Doudrop heel and have a non-title feud was a good idea, and the match was originally supposed to happen this week. It did, but the finish was anticlimactic as Doudrop got herself counted out and walked away. The tease of Bianca Belair hitting her with the KOD was a great one, and it’s a big moment waiting to happen.

However, the finish seemed to be a lazy one, and it was one of the biggest lows of an otherwise great episode of the red brand.


#1. Best: Bobby Lashley’s entry into the WWE title picture on RAW

After the latest episode of RAW, the WWE title feud is no longer just a triple threat. The show opened with a great steel cage match between Kevin Owens and Big E, with Seth Rollins eagerly watching at ringside.

It wasn’t surprising that he tried to get involved, as he simply wanted both men to be as injured as possible to gain an advantage at Day 1, less than a month from now. E eventually won, and he didn’t tolerate Rollins’ antics and took him out.

However, during the break, Lashley came out and attacked Big E and the other two, making a huge statement in the process. It was clear that The All Mighty was intent on entering the WWE title picture again and regaining the throne that he held for most of 2021.


During the commercial break, @fightbobby emerged and laid waste to #WWEChampion @WWEBigE, @WWERollins AND @FightOwensFight! #WWERaw

While some might argue that the top title feud on the red brand is getting overcrowded, we have to disagree. WWE rarely gets fatal-four-way matches wrong, and this has the potential to steal the show at Day 1.

Given that it’s not going to headline the pay-per-view, a fatal-4-way is the best direction on RAW as it will protect other stars, and Big E can still walk out victoriously.



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