Being the Elite is now on hiatus

Being the Elite is on hiatus

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The YouTube show, called Being the Elite has announced that it is on indefinite hiatus. Fans were wondering why there was no new episode yesterday as new episodes typically drop on Monday. The Twitter account for Being the Elite tweeted several hours ago that there would be no new episodes until further notice.

It has been speculated that this is likely to do with the events surrounding All Out. CM Punk made several comments about EVPs during the media scrum that led to a fight backstage. Bucks, Punk, Omega, Ace Steel, and others are suspended until the results of an investigation are complete.

CM Punk's AEW debut as recorded on Being the Elite, one of the very few appearance by Punk on the program

No doubt likely that Being the Elite will be back, but it might be some time. What are your thoughts on the YouTube show?

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