An audible was called by WWE after Becky Lynch and Bayley had their time cut significantly for the bout

Becky Lynch versus Bayley was reportedly cut due to time constraints

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The 30th-anniversary episode of WWE Raw was mostly lauded by fans and pundits for its mix of nostalgia and action. However, if there was one major complaint, it was that the women were once again given the short end of the straw in terms of TV time across the show.

One of the most anticipated matches of this episode was the steel cage match between Becky Lynch and Bayley, but its booking turned out to be a dampener, which left fans none too pleased. This was reportedly influenced by timing issues.

Fightful Select (h/t WrestlingInc’s Sai Mohan) revealed that the trial of Sami Zayn segment went longer than intended, leading to other segments on Raw is XXX getting shortened, including Lynch vs Bayley. The initial plan was reportedly for Lynch and Bayley to fight in a two-segment bout, but an audible was called to have Damage CTRL attack The Man before the match ever started.

Apparently, WWE’s creative minds felt it was better to have such an angle for a future match than go ahead with a short cage match lasting barely a segment. While there’s no word on when that bout will take place, Lynch can get her hands on her adversaries come the Royal Rumble.


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