Bayley explains why the cage match was cut, and why fans shouldn't get the wrong idea.

Bayley addresses the steel cage match controversy

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Bayley, former WWE SmackDown Women’s champion, addressed the steel cage controversy at RAW XXX. WWE cut her steel cage match due to time constraints, and this was met with criticism online from fans and the Bella Twins. Bayley spoke with BTsport about it. She said that they have good support backstage and people shouldn’t get the wrong idea.

This is what Bayley said, They have our backs and stuff, but I don’t want them to think that women’s wrestling is moving backward or that we’re not seen in the same light as Roman Reigns or anybody like that. We are very appreciated backstage, we’re treated super well, and we are a part of big conversations when it comes to big stories, big matches, big premium live events. We’re in conversations with that. I don’t want the fans to get the wrong idea with what happened. It was just what happened, happened. We’re going to make the best of it and they’re going to see how it made everything so much bigger and better.”

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Should they have cut the match? Many fans felt no. With a three-hour show, perhaps WWE could have found something else to cut. Many other fans felt that they couldn’t justify cutting anything for the cage match.

Bayley and Becky Lynch have a longstanding feud with each other. They still need their big payoff match between them. The only question is, when?

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