Barry Windham out of the ICU, stable condition.

Barry Windham out of the ICU

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Barry Windham has been reported as stable and is out of the ICU. This is what Mika Rotunda, his niece, said, “Thank you to all who have reached out, prayed, contributed, and sent well wishes to my Uncle Barry this week. I wanted to give an update! I’m grateful to say he is stabilized & out of ICU. Talking & able to stand. Thanks again everyone! There absolutely is power in prayer,”

Barry Windham suffered a heart attack a few days ago in an Atlanta Airport. He was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors fought to save his life. It’s great to hear they were successful.

Barry Windham is a legendary wrestler from NWA and WWF. He wrestled on the very first WrestleMania, defending his titles alongside Mike Rotunda, against The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. He’s also famous for his time as a member of the four horsemen.

Later in 1993, he became the NWA World champion. For modern wrestling fans, he is the uncle of both Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. Barry Windham is part of a much larger Rotunda/Windham family, that featured the aforementioned Bray Wyatt, but also tag team legend, Blackjack Mulligan, who was his father.

It is certainly great news to learn that Barry Windham is ok. We’ve lost several wrestlers including the Ultimate Warrior, to heart attacks in the last few years.

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