Barry Windham suffers heart, hospitalized

Barry Windham Hospitalized

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Barry Windham has been hospitalized after suffering a severe heart attack on Friday. He collapsed at an airport in Atlanta and was rushed to the ICU.

This is a statement from his niece, Mika Rotunda, as part of a GoFundMe for Barry.

“With deep sadness I regret to inform that my uncle, WWE Hall of Famer, Barry Windham suffered a massive heart attack Friday evening. While traveling through the Atlanta airport, his darkest fear became a horrific reality as he went into cardiac arrest. He is currently in the ICU and has undergone an emergency procedure to save his life. As a family, we are impatiently waiting to hear that he will be okay. But as of now, the future is uncertain.

As is the future for many in his position. And for those who have formerly devoted their lives to their craft. Barry Windham, has an iconically, decorated resume as an American professional wrestler. He traveled all over the world for decades, entertaining people of all ages with his athleticism and undeniable charisma.”

Barry Windham is a true legend of the sport of wrestling. He competed at the first WrestleMania, defending his tag titles with his partner, Mike Rotunda who was not yet known as IRS. Barry is a former NWA champion, having won the title in WCW. His reign as United States Champion in 1988, has been cited by wrestling fans as one of the best reigns with that title.

We here hope that Barry Windham is able to recovery from this terrible tragedy.

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