Backstage update on Jim Ross’ AEW future - Reports

Backstage update on Jim Ross’ AEW future – Reports

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Backstage update on Jim Ross’ AEW future - Reports
Jim Ross is dealing with some serious health issues.

If the parting words of Jim Ross last night on AEW Dynamite gave you cause to pause, there’s a reason for that.

At the conclusion of last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Jim Ross said the following to the television audience as the show went off the air:

“Ladies and gentlemen, from my outstanding partners Excalibur and the great Tony Schiavone. I’m Jim Ross saying enjoy your Thanksgiving, be safe, love your loved ones, and I’ll see you again in the very near future,” Jim Ross said.

Dave Meltzer discussed what Ross said on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. He stated that the way JR signed off the show tells him that he isn’t sure if he’ll appear on AEW Dynamite for the next few weeks as he will start a 21-day radiation process to remove the skin cancer from his body on Monday.

Thanks, Mick! 🤠…

When will Jim Ross return to AEW Dynamite?

While Jim Ross has stated he doesn’t want to take any time off from AEW Dynamite during his radiation treatment, it might come to a point where that decision is out of his hands.

At the end of the day, AEW owner Tony Khan is going to look out for the health and best interests of his talent. That includes Jim Ross and the rest of the commentators; if they need time off television, he’s going to give it to them.

On behalf of everyone here at Sportskeeda, we wish Jim Ross the best as he fights to recover from this severe illness. We hope to see him back in the AEW broadcast booth soon.

Thanksgiving lunch at 11 South in Jax Beach!

Hope you enjoy your day. 🙏🤠

When do you think we’ll see Jim Ross back on AEW television? Did his words at the end of Dynamite last night make you think he was going away? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.


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