Austin Theory took a new direction with his character, one that is a lot more savage.

Austin Theory has a new attitude

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Austin Theory has a new attitude. He needs it, after getting brutalized in the booking department for the last few months. WWE has beaten the Vince out of him, and now maybe we’ll get a new vision of Theory. No Cellphone, no sporting a board. More serious, and “not a kid” as he said several times. Theory may become a force to be reckoned with.

Austin Theory first showed it by beating the holy hell out of Dolph Ziggler on RAW. He was going to win the match, but he chose to beat Ziggler instead. Slamming his head into tables, and throwing chairs at him. Theory was furious and had snapped.

Then Austin Theory came out and attacked Seth Rollins after Rollin’s title match later on RAW. He stood over him, holding the United States title. Somehow, despite lacking the briefcase, he seemed more poised than ever to win the US title.

It would seem that we shouldn’t close the coffin lid on the push of Austin Theory just yet. This new Post-Vince Theory might yet find success after all. He certainly got one of the best heel reactions of his career to end the show.

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