Arn Anderson Clarifys His Retirement Plans

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Arn Anderson recently revealed on his “ARN” podcast that he intended to retire the following year.

Anderson released a message on Twitter to make clear his current situation and plans for the future, announcing that he will not be retiring in 2023. He noted:

“Just to be clear, I am under contract with AEW for another year and a half. I hope to be able to repay Tony for having Brock and I as a part of AEW and I have many friends who work there. I misspoke when I said 2023.

“If I created any incorrect narrative, I apologize. The truth is, I would like to be around for as long as I can contribute to the business, and am still having fun. I’m sure the article in question didn’t spark mass panic, but I just wanted to clear up my mistake. I believe a person’s word means something, even in our crazy world.”

The Arn Anderson statement


Arn Anderson


Arn Anderson Turns Down Backstage Role

Recently on the ARN podcast saw the legendary Arn Anderson hold a Q&A with his listeners, where The Enforcer discussed why he has no desire of working in the AEW talent relations department, citing his past office work in WCW and WWE as the primary reason. Check out Arn’s full thoughts on the subject below.

Why he has no desire to work in talent relations at AEW:

No [I would not want to work in Talent Relations for AEW]. I don’t want to be responsible for anything that’s outside of my control. I can help Brock [Anderson] and help teach him what to do, what not to do within reason.

I don’t want him to be a clone of what I think. Wrestling should be coming from him. I want him to figure that out but I can certainly control that. Like I said, I spent probably five or six years working in the office with WCW and then I was 19 years with WWE and it just — here’s the thing, don’t have me have to be responsible for something and not give me any power, because that’s not fair.


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