Another Matt Cardona WWE Tease?

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Matt Cardona has been tipped in the last few weeks to make the jump back to WWE. and he has dropped another tease again hinting that his work-life schedule was easier in the WWE.

Cardona was released from WWE in April 2020 and has had immense success since then, including a run as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

Matt Cardona was interviewed by Inside the Ropes, this past week and he compared his work with WWE and the indies and believes that despite the rigors, WWE was the easier option.

“When your schedule’s as busy as mine, I think the WWE schedule was easier than my independent schedule.


“I was so used to that schedule. And now, there’s no rhyme or reason why I’m taking these bookings, so I’m flying across the country, I’m getting up every morning for an early flight.
“My schedule’s shot, my workouts are shot, my diet’s shot, but it is what it is and I love it.”


The WWE creative head appreciates the former Zack Ryder’s passion for the business and the fact that he does not hide that he grew up a fan.

One of the most hated acts in independent professional wrestling could soon be back in WWE
One of the most hated acts in independent professional wrestling could soon be back in WWE

Hunter is also a fan of Matt Cardona’s post-WWE work on the indies, with WrestleVotes saying:

“I’ve heard because he’s done on the indies that Hunter is a fan of his. Cardona is not shy about being a lifelong fan and Hunter likes people that don’t shy away from growing up in this business. Hunter would 100% take Matt Cardona back, but I don’t know if that offer has been extended.”

With Cardona’s wife Chelsea Green, of whom Shawn Michaels is a big fan, also joining WWE soon, it seems likely that one of the top heel duos in pro wrestling will end up back sooner than later.


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