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Amanda Huber Reacts To New Brodie Lee Documentary

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting an upcoming documentary about the late Brodie Lee will air on Vimeo on Demand on February 3 at 7 PM ET.

The documentary is titled, “This Is Brodie Lee” and features interviews with friends, wrestlers, and relatives. It follows the first match of his career and was directed by Joe Brand of Classy Wolf Media.

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New documentary film explores the wrestling life of Rochester’s Jonathan Huber, better known to millions of wrestling fans as Brodie Lee or Luke Harper (WWE). Jon’s passing in December 2020 was a shock to fans around the world, and hit home especially hard for his friends and fellow professional wrestlers in Rochester, NY.

This Is Brodie Lee tells the story of Jon’s wrestling journey – which began in a park in Greece, NY – and took him to the heights of Wrestlemania in New Orleans.

Filmmaker Joe Bradt of Classy Wolf Media assembled the film from countless hours of archival footage, showing Jon from his first time in a wrestling ring, up to his final appearance at the Blue Cross Arena. The story of Jon’s career is told by his friends, including another former WWE wrestler from Rochester, Colin Delaney, as well as Jon’s cousin, Lou Englert, and Wrestlevision host Scotty Bender.

Movies 10 in Henrietta held the film’s premiere on September 28, 2021.

In a post on Twitter, Brodie’s widow, Amanda Huber revealed the family did not authorize or approve of the documentary. Tweeting: “Zero congratulations to be had. I had nothing to do with it. It is zero percent approved or authorized by the family or myself.”


Brodie Lee


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