"All that man is doing is pretending"- Top star accuses CM Punk of not caring about AEW

“All that man is doing is pretending”- Top star accuses CM Punk of not caring about AEW

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MJF has had plenty to say about CM Punk ever since the Second City Saint rejected the Salt of the Earth’s handshake on AEW Dynamite. This time, MJF accused CM Punk of not caring about the success of AEW.

CM Punk joined AEW in one of the most anticipated angles in wrestling history. It was a return to professional wrestling after seven years for a man who revolutionized how independent wrestlers were looked at. For the die-hard fanbase of AEW, CM Punk was the epitome of what professional wrestling was.

#1 CM Punk returns to pro wrestling after 7 years. https://t.co/bdyqnm2HOa

However, MJF believes it’s all a pretense and the Voice of the Voiceless doesn’t really care about AEW or the young talent in the company. MJF said the following on Throwing Down:

“My problem with Punk is he walks out there, he puts on this little happy face, he’s glad-handing everybody. He’s pretending that he cares about the younger talent, he’s pretending that he cares about the success of AEW. All that man is doing is pretending and I’m sick of it and all I’m trying to do is put that into the forefront. Just trying to call him out on his BS,” MJF said. (h/t: Post Wrestling)

CM Punk has wrestled many up-and-coming AEW talents

Lee Moriarty doing the Pepsi Twist on CM Punk was such a cool spot. https://t.co/sHwDHBC4Jq

CM Punk said in his first promo for AEW on Rampage that squaring off against the best young talent in AEW was one of the reasons for his comeback. He named several stars on the roster he wished to face.

So far, the Straight Edge star has stayed true to his word. His first ever AEW match was against Darby Allin, regarded as one of the four pillars of All Elite Wrestling’s future. CM Punk has then gone on to face the likes of Powerhouse Hobbs, Daniel Garcia and Lee Moriarty. All were competitive matches that showcased his opposition appropriately.

The former WWE Champion has struggled to win matches quickly since his return, and that has been a big part of CM Punk’s return. Lee Moriarty, for example, was dominant over CM Punk for much of the match which was testament to the latter’s willingness to put over his opponent despite picking up the win.


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