Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss on “Leave” From WWE – Full Story / Rumor Killers

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Alexa Bliss has not appeared for WWE in weeks as she is taking a break from the promotion.

At the WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Premium Live Event, Bliss failed to dethrone RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair and had a post-match segment with Uncle Howdy.

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Alexa Bliss is a five time women's champion. She is happy to see others with the title.
Alexa Bliss is a five-time women’s champion. She is happy to see others with the title.


Mike Johnson is reporting that Bliss is currently on leave from WWE and has not been backstage at any RAW TV tapings.

There is no word as to when Bliss is expected back on television, but it was clarified that she is not injured.

Alexa Bliss has seemingly refuted reports that she’s currently taking time off from WWE.

“Don’t believe things you read,” Bliss tweeted late Tuesday night. “Unless it comes directly from me…it’s not real lol.”

The report further noted that WWE knew going into the Royal Rumble that Bliss was set to take time off after the loss and that her hiatus was likely due to a planned temporary exit from storylines — especially following her recent run-ins with Uncle Howdy. While the report did not specify the timeline of Bliss’ absence, Johnson speculated over the possibility of Bliss herself requesting time away from WWE, and that her hiatus was not merely “storyline-dictated.”

Bliss has disappeared from WWE programming since Uncle Howdy once again asked her “Do you feel in charge?” following her loss to Belair at The Rumble. Uncle Howdy posed a similar question in the lead-up to her match against Belair at the premium live event in San Antonio, Texas.

There’s also the possibility of Bliss returning with a repackaged character ahead of WrestleMania 39 where her ongoing storyline with Uncle Howdy and Bray Wyatt is expected to continue.


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