Alexa Bliss took things to the extreme against Bianca Belair on this week's Raw

Alexa Bliss is reportedly set for heel run on WWE Raw

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After weeks of teasing, WWE Star Alexa Bliss has finally snapped, and it looks like she’s taking a dark turn for good. During her match against Raw women’s champion Bianca Belair on Raw, she attacked the referee and her opponent, and it has been reported that her character has undergone an official change.

PWInsider Elite (h/t WrestlingInc’s Sean Neumann) noted that Alexa’s actions on Monday Night marked her proper heel turn, meaning she will operate as one moving forward. This shift in persona is even more significant considering Belair and Bliss were allies through most of the year post-WrestleMania, even teaming up with Asuka to take on Damage CTRL.

However, all that changed gradually, culminating with Bliss becoming the No. 1 contender for the Raw women’s title. Bliss even clocked Belair on her head from behind during a clearing-the-air interview ahead of their match this week, and she seemingly cemented her status as a top threat to the EST on Monday.

Interestingly, all these changes have come as a result of Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE, as his relationship with Bliss was left unanswered during the aftermath of WrestleMania 37. She was the reason Wyatt lost to Randy Orton at the mega event, and their story could not progress further as Wyatt was released soon after.

However, the new regime under Triple H sees a lot of potential left in this storyline, meaning they seem to be going back to it. At least fans can expect many loose ends to be tied up from this plot in the near future.

Is the WWE ready for heel Alexa Bliss?


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