Bret hart is better than AJ Styles

WWE legend claims AJ Styles is a better wrestler than Bret Hart

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When we talk about in-ring prowess, Bret Hart is one of the first names that comes to our mind. He is a 5-time WWF World Champion and was one of the best of his era.

Speaking of the current crop of wrestlers who can match up to Bret Hart, AJ Styles is a solid bet. The two-time WWE Champion had an incredible career in TNA before he repeated the same kind of success in the Stamford-based promotion. His latest win came against Finn Balor at Survivor Series WarGames 2022.

In the latest episode of the Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, WWE legend Road Dogg claimed that Styles is a better wrestler than Hart.

“I’m saying he’s a better wrestler. [Styles] has been working very hard ever since he showed up at the [Royal] Rumble. He’s older now and he’s slower now and he wants to work smarter now, but when he first got here and I think he was very much in his prime, the road puts it on you and that life. 

He further went on to praise the former WWE Champion and put him on top of the list when it comes to working hard.

He’s tired now, but man when he first got there, nobody works like he does. He works like everything he does in the ring, bell-to-bell, is real, and that’s what I love about AJ Styles. AJ works so hard on making every single thing he does look real. It’s so admirable and such a lost art that it’s still great to see him do it.“

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