AEW Star Was Not A Fan Of His “Yes” Chant

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Bryan Danielson recently partook in the Starrcast V media scrum, where he spoke about not trying to find a new catchphrase following his departure from WWE.

So it’s interesting, one of the things that I’ve tried to avoid is doing any sort of catchphrase. The reason why is, it came to become a crutch, and when people expect something of you, and you need to give that to them, that almost feels like it pins me down more than it helps me. One of the people I really respect from an artist’s perspective is Bob Dylan. So if you go to like an Aerosmith concert, you’re gonna want to see the hits, right. When you buy a ticket to a Bob Dylan concert, you might want him to play certain songs, but you know going in, he’s gonna play whatever the fuck he wants, and that’s kind of what I want my wrestling career to be now. I want people, ‘Ah maybe I hope that he does this,’ but they’re gonna be happy with kind of whatever, just me being creative and doing what I love to do.


During the same interview, Danielson revealed that WWE and AEW weren’t the only options open to him,  He revealed that WWE and AEW were not the two options,   he suggested he had 3 available but his 3rd option may have resulted in some form of assault by his wife Brie Bella.

“So people think that I had 2 options between WWE and AEW. And the reality was that I was considering 3 options, which were WWE, AEW, or just not being a full-time wrestler anymore and just being a full-time dad. When I told that to Brie with the money that each company was offering me, she might have wanted to kill me,” Danielson said.

He continued

“But really it came down to a little bit of schedule, a little bit of creative freedom, and also just this idea of I had been there for so long, maybe something new would be a little bit fun. But then also I kind of wanted to bleed, which is a weird thing to say,” 

After being away from in-ring competition for nearly two months, Bryan Danielson finally returned for a match at AEW Dynamite: Fight For The Fallen.


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