AEW star MJF says he could leave for WWE in 2024

AEW star MJF says he could leave for WWE in 2024

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AEW star MJF says he could leave for WWE in 2024
MJF would appeal to Vince McMahon

Thanks to his program with CM Punk on AEW programming, MJF has been the talk of the wrestling world for the last couple of weeks. The Salt of the Earth reiterated that when his contract ends in 2024, he could end up working for WWE.

CM Punk got the wrestling universe talking when he called MJF a less famous Miz on a recent episode of AEW Dynamite. The line was heard loudly around the world, so much so that WWE acknowledged it as well, something Vince McMahon rarely does. Edge and Miz referenced the line during their promo battle on WWE RAW.

Without a doubt, a top-notch segment that’ll be etched in the history books. Do you agree with what CM Punk said here?
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MJF stated on Sports Illustrated that he did notice it and understood why WWE would reference the line, before saying that he could end up working with Edge and the Miz in 2024, when his AEW contract expires.

“They’re just trying to make their show the best they possibly can,” Friedman says. “I’m not mad, I completely understand it. And who knows, I might be working with those two guys in 2024. And that line by Punk about me being a ‘less famous Miz,’ that resonated because people used to actually think that. But I’m smart enough to know better. My match last month at Full Gear against Darby Allin proved otherwise. I am equally as outstanding in the ring as I am on the stick. That match with Darby proved I’m anything but one-dimensional.”

AEW star MJF would be a major signing for WWE

We praise MJF for his mic work and rightfully so, but he’s good in the ring as well. #AEWFullGear

While there’s a lot of stuff in AEW that won’t work in WWE, including storylines and characters, MJF is one that seems tailor-made for Vince McMahon.

This is not to say MJF doesn’t fit in AEW. MJF is just so good that he fits anywhere. His skillset makes him a rare commodity in today’s wrestling. He’s a top notch talker and can wrestle multiple styles inside the ring. He rarely wrestles so whenever he does, it feels special and he almost never breaks character.

MJF is highly protected in Tony Khan’s company and is clearly positioned as a future top star of the company. All the WWE talk could simply be MJF being MJF and working the fans, and it’s definitely working.


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