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AEW President Tony Khan Meets Wrestling Superfan (PHOTO)

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Tony Khan, the President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently had the honor of meeting wrestling superfan Vladimir Abouzeide.   Khan shared his experience on social media, expressing his admiration for Abouzeide and his contributions to the wrestling community.

Khan took to Twitter to share his encounter with Abouzeide, recounting how he had seen him at a live wrestling event when he was just 8 years old. “At age 8, on the first ppv I ever watched live, I saw a fan who seemed to be having such a great time at the live event,” Khan wrote. “At age 12, I joined the IWC, and learned that his name is Vlad, + he’s a very nice guy. It was an honor to meet him in person. Thank you Vlad, you’re the man!”

Abouzeide, known for his enthusiastic presence at wrestling events and his passionate support for the wrestling industry, has been recognized and celebrated by various wrestling promotions, including MLW and ROH. He was even present at ringside for ROH Supercard of Honor last month on his birthday, further showcasing his dedication to the sport.


Abouzeide as we previously reported was originally supposed to be the subject of a WWE documentary that was announced by WWE in 2021, and again in 2022, but then vanished and is now understood to have been scrapped.

Khan’s interaction with Abouzeide demonstrates his appreciation for the passion and dedication of wrestling fans, and his willingness to engage with them on a personal level. It also underscores Khan’s commitment to fostering positive relationships within the wrestling community, regardless of promotions or affiliations.

As AEW continues to thrive as a major player in the wrestling industry, Khan’s genuine interactions with wrestling fans and industry insiders alike further solidify his reputation as a passionate and approachable figure in the wrestling world. Fans can look forward to more interactions and announcements from Khan as he continues to make his mark as the President of AEW.


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