AEW Presents “Ring Of Honor”

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AEW’s control and impact on Ring of Honor continue at least according to advertising for Final Battle.

In March, Tony Khan announced his purchase of ROH and Final Battle will mark the third Pay-Per-View for ROH under the AEW President.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that Final Battle is being promoted as ‘AEW Presents Ring of Honor.’

Meltzer compared the branding to how WWE’s developmental brand is referred to as WWE NXT.

AEW Presents: Ring of Honor Final Battle 2022 will take place on December 10, in Dallas Texas.

The show will take place on the same date as NXT Deadline, but will air earlier in the day than WWE’s show

ROH will host its next Final Battle event on December 10th from the University of Texas at Arlington. The special start time for the event is 4 pm ET. Updated details have emerged regarding the ticket sales for the event.

WrestleTix noted that ROH Final Battle has sold 1,505 tickets so far. However, there are 1,000 tickets left to be sold. But chances of selling out the show with the number of events being held around the same time seem bleak.

Ring of Honor Final Battle
No doubt many AEW stars will be booked

UFC 282, the Heisman Trophy ceremony, and NXT Deadline are among the events being held around the same time. AEW will have to come up with a stellar match card if they plan to sell out the show.

Speaking to Sports IllustratedTony Khan has chosen to avoid having ROH Final Battle get lost among those events by airing earlier in the day.

“The college football landscape changes on that day, so it’s a unique opportunity for us to run in the afternoon and see if there is a market for us. There is a great game between Army and Navy, but it’s not a typical big-conference college football Saturday.

It’s a great opportunity for us. It will be different for us in the afternoon, but we’re excited for it. We’re going to deliver a great show for wrestling fans.”


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